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What many people do not know is that Victor Myers cut his teeth in large scale , multi-family construction while in college.  The Victor Myers Companies entered the arena of light commercial construction in 2009.  At that time, a long time customer of our home building company challenged us with this question: "Who can you recommend to remodel our offices in Dallas?  We want your quality, commitment and customer care." We ended up taking on that project and through the years have gradually increased our presence in the Denton County's and North Texas's  Commercial Construction Industry.   We offer essentially four service platforms:

  • Full Design/Build Commercial Construction:  This service is turnkey.  We will assist you with the design and construction of your medical, dental, veterinarian, office or retail facility.  One stop, one team, everyone on the same sheet of paper.

  • Commercial Construction:  You provide the plans and the specification.  We will return a competitive bid for General Contracting services.  Together, we will create a partnership that works to bring your dream together.

  • Commercial Remodel:  Our team can engage your project in a way few others can.  Because we are so deeply involved in the residential market, we can see design trends that tend to effect commercial finish long before the market does.  Our team is uniquely positioned to assist you, regardless of the size of the project.

  • Consulting:  We have found that too many people underestimate the sheer demand of running a business and building a facility.  The last thing you need is for a project to distract you from keeping first things first.   Why not hire a consultant to assist you?  We will take all or part of your project and give you the feedback you deserve.  We will work with your team (Architect, Designer, Interior Design, AV, Landscape and General Contractor, ETC.) to represent your dreams and visions while maximizing your time.  

Commercial Construction

​​​Customer Centered Construction