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How many lots are in Wichita Estates?
There will be 39 residential lots in Wichita Estates.  All will be single family, detached homes.  There will also be 7 common areas in the community.

What size are the homes in Wichita Estates in Highland Village?
Homes in Wichita Estates will begin at 2,400square foot.  

What are the building requirements for Wichita Estates?
The neighborhood will have adopted covenants and restrictions that will outline specific building requirements.  In general, homes in Wichita Estates will:

  • 90% masonry or higher
  • At least 2 car garages
  • 8' tall, 1x6 cedar fences
  • Building setbacks differ and are specific to each lot.  Please see the plat.

Can I buy my own lot and bring my own builder to Wichita Estates?
Lots in Wichita Estates are sold by the developer to a select group of approved builders.  Individuals can not buy a lot directly.  

Who are the builders in Wichita Estates in Highland Village?
Part of the concept of Wichita Estates is to create diversity in homes making it a true custom neighborhood.  Because of this, prospective homeowners have 3 reputiable builders to chose from.  Each builder has a distinctly different approach to building homes and serving customers.  As it currently stands:

  • Scott Felder Homes will build 29 homes
  • Sterling Brook Homes will build 5 homes
  • Victor Myers Homes will build 5 homes

How long do I have to build in Wichita Estates?
Each builder in Wichita Estates sets its own requirements for holding a lot, design and construction time tables.  Please contact the builder of your choice to learn more?

What is the tax rate of Highland Village?
For the 2015 fiscal year, the City of Highland Village has posted the following tax rates:

  • Lewisville ISD $1.477/thousand
  • City of Highland Village $0.569630/thousand
  • Denton County $0.284914
  • Total Tax Rate: $2.331544

Does Wichita Estates have an HOA?
Yes.  The final details of the HOA have yet to be established.  It is anticipated that the HOA dues will be approx. $800-$1,200 annually.  This will be finalized before ANY construction begins.

Will there be any community amenities like a pool in Wichita Estates?
No.  The charm of Wichita Estates is the natural settings and boutique feel.  

Can I use a real estate agent to help me?  
Yes.  Federal law prohibits the establishment of standardized real estate commissions.  Those are determined by (1) the agreement you have with your real estate agent and (2) the policy and practice of each builder.  










Wichita Estate in Highland Village, Texas is a secluded subdivision within walking distance of Lake Lewisville.  located in the heart of Highland Village, this upscale, new construction, custom built neighborhood offers great opportunities for those searching for that perfect place.  Mature trees, wildlife, green space...Wichita Estate in Highland Village has it all.  Here are some answers to common questions: 


Wichita Estates  Highland Village